Mashambani Dairy goats (Mashambani is a Swahili word for “at the farm”) is an organically developing company. It started as a family enterprise to provide goat milk to the Lactose intolerant child. As time went by, and with various cases of parents inquiring about goat milk for their children, the farm expanded and it has now become a commercial enterprise.

The farm produce and processes all its products from its own flock. This milk is then distributed either directly to the various organizations and individual families or through the supermarkets

Quality management

Mashambani is very health and environmental conscious. Save for the vaccination against viral infections, the farm mainly uses organic/Herbal method to keep the flock healthy and productive. Any goat under serious treatment is isolated and the drugs withdrawal period is highly observed.

The staff has undergone intensive training in goats’ health management, handling, and milk production, products handling practices, processing and marketing from the Uganda National Research Institute (UIRI). The milk and it’s by products are periodically tested to ensure conformity to the required standards. All the products are preservatives and addictive’s free, ensuring high levels of naturalness; perfect for babies, lactose intolerant people, convalescence/recuperating people as well as health conscious population.


Despite the fact that the masses are unfamiliar with the Goat milk, in addition to the various existing myths about goat milk, NutriFit™, the trade Mark under which the products is marketed seems to be gaining ground especially among the health conscious population.

Consistency, customer support, marketing and trust-building has continued to attract newer markets. It is a brand now recognized within the Kampala region and it is hoped that, with increased production and enhanced customer sensitization, the demand shall be wider.

The Breed

The goats at Mashambani farm are mainly Toggenburgs and Sannens sourced from within Uganda as well as Eastern part of Kenya. Other breeds present are Anglo Nubians and Alpine. The goats are fed on ordinary grass and Shrubs which are sourced from healthy pastures.

Looking Ahead

It is envisaged that, in 2 years’ time, Mashambani shall be a regionally recognized company, not only providing its products to Ugandans but East Africa and beyond. In the next 12 months and as part of community involvement, the firm is geared to listing individual farmers who are quality conscious to provide additional milk for processing and marketing.  It is also envisaged that, being part of a pioneering farm, the Mukono site shall serve as training and learning centre for Farmers or groups keen to venture into dairy goat farming activities.


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